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Planning volunteers

Locating brownfield sites missing from the register
Locating brownfield sites missing from the register in Tameside

We want to be able to address town and country planning issues better throughout Worcestershire.

We are looking for volunteers to help us with this. We are particularly looking for volunteers in or near Evesham, Pershore, Droitwich, and south of Redditch. However volunteers anywhere will be useful.

Qualifications required

  • A love for the countryside and desire not to see it not subject to intrusive or inappropriate development
  • (Probably) the use of a car
  • Simple use of a computer to access the Internet and for e-mail


When we identify a planning application in your area that might be problematic, we would contact you by e-mail and ask you to investigate. You would then:

  • Look at details of the application (plans etc) on-line
  • Visit the site to view it, probably from a local road or footpath
  • Report back to us (by e-mail), giving us your views

If the application was still objectionable, we would draft an objection, which we would send to you for comment. After taking your further comments into account, we would submit the objection to the Local Planning Authority.

The Local Planning Authority (usually the District Council) decides most applications, but there can be appeals and enforcement action for breach of planning control or other issues, but we would talk to you about these when the situation arose.

The majority of applications relate to house extensions and other minor changes; we rarely comment on these.  Similarly, we would be unlikely to comment on the development of sites allocated for housing under the Local Plan (including infill in built up areas); if we did comment, it might be more about the detail of the development, seeking to reduce its impact, rather than opposing the principle. Our object is more about highlighting speculative applications that are simply not needed.

We would also love to involve you also in other CPRE activities.

If interested, please contact the Executive Secretary.