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Worcestershire Campaign to Protect Rural England

Can you do more for your local group?

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All groups need a steady influx of new members to provide their long-term continuity and, in some cases, survival. Whichever District you are in, please consider giving your representative a call if you think you have the time and enthusiasm to help.

When Worcestershire was divided into District Councils, the replication of this structure by CPRE was almost inevitable as it meant that volunteers from each District would receive weekly lists of the planning applications.

However, whereas the Districts contained roughly similar populations, this was not so for the CPRE membership. Redditch has struggled to get 20 members, Worcester and Wyre Forest have around 30, whereas Bromsgrove has over 100 members, Malvern Hills around 150 and Wychavon has climbed above 200.

An effective District Group consists of Chairman, Secretary, Planning Monitor and a few other volunteers in order to hold meetings, discuss the local issues and help in visiting sites of proposed development. In reality, Redditch and Wyre Forest have for several years been represented by Val Kendrick and Albert Ward with only intermittent support, while Worcester has depended mostly on Ann Stallard and Muriel Jeffs. We are fortunate that Janet Mackinnon has now taken over from Ann.

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