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PlanningHelp Website

PlanningHelp PlanningHelp Photo: © CPRE

CPRE has launched a new website to help people understand how to use the planning system.

The site, called Planning Help, should be of interest to both experienced planning volunteers and people who've never come into contact with the planning system before.

To help seasoned volunteers, the site offers guides on the new local plans (called local development frameworks) and on regional spatial strategies, shows people the major ways in which the new system differs from the old, explains our view on the new planning system and keeps people up to date on the latest planning news.

Those who are less familiar with the planning system should find useful the site's guides to responding to planning applications and making the most of public inquiries and the simple explanations of how the planning system works. The site also contains examples of how CPRE has been able to successfully use the planning system to protect the countryside and contribute to urban regeneration.

Visit CPRE's Planning Help site at http://www.planninghelp.org.uk/

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